Tuesday 18th January 2022,

Alternative Model Photographer Michelle Katiussa

Walk the Plank’s Rik interviews the very talented alternative model photographer Michelle Katiussa

RIK WTP: You pictures have such vivid colors. Your photography reminds me of cinematography from movies such as Kill Bill, True Romance and Go. Is that an accident or something you’ve done on purpose?
MICHELLE: It was truly an accident. I just love colors.

RIK WTP: What well-known film director exemplifies your work?
MICHELLE: None, to be honest

RIK WTP: How long have you been shooting Alternative Models? Is this a category you want to be primarily known for?
MICHELLE: I’ve been shooting alternative models for about one year. I consider myself to be a very versatile photographer. I like Glamour, Pin up, Fashion and Fitness. I’m not sure which category I would want to be primarily known for, but I definitely love to shoot Alternative Models. 🙂

RIK WTP: If you can describe your work in 3 words what would they be?
MICHELLE: Creative, colorful and fun.

RIK WTP: How do you get your models to feel comfortable in front of your camera? Do you inject them with compliments and chocolate to get that glow?
MICHELLE: I try to create a relaxing atmosphere. I talk to the models so they can get to know me and feel comfortable around me before the shoot. I try to be fun and move around to create a fun happy environment. Whenever I take an awesome picture, I immediately show the model to compliment her on it.

RIK WTP: Singers should avoid dairy, spicy foods, coffee, soda, etc before a performance. What do you recommend that models avoid before a shoot?
MICHELLE: I recommend getting at least 8hrs of sleep before the shoot . They should eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water 24 hours before shooting day. Avoid fatty, greasy, and salty foods prior to shooting. Avoid alcohol or anything that will make you puffy or bloated. One last thing please avoid anything that may stain your teeth. 😉

RIK WTP: What’s lacking in your industry?
MICHELLE: I don’t have a conclusive opinion about this. I just think it is a very aggressive industry and there is not much chance or opportunities for beginners, even those that exhibit great talent with photography. It is almost like you have to have luck or be at the right place at the right time, but I guess the important thing is never giving up and to keep pursuing your dream.

RIK WTP: If you can photograph any public figure in the world, who would it be and what kind of shoot would you plan for him or her?
MICHELLE: I would photograph Lady Gaga. I would shoot her in public places in Brazil, such as the Christ, Sugar Loaf, etc, with some crazy colorful outfits. Something fun, energetic and colorful like she is.

RIK WTP: Have you ever wanted to photograph raccoons? I would! 😉
MICHELLE: I never thought about photographing raccoons, but heck, why not? I have thought about photo shoots with exotic animals (peacock comes to mind), scorpions, spiders, snakes and others.

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Anderson Schroder says:

Michelle is an awesome photographer, she has a natural talent that can be seen on her facebook page and very eclectic, I can´t wait to have my girlfriend shot by her.

Helder says:

Fascinating. Each pic an “objet d’art”. Thanks Mi.

Mike says:

Brilliant work!

Miluska Goff says:

wow! What a beautiful work my friend. You deserve this and more…

Simone Larsen says:

An amazing job from a very talented photographer!!

Claudio Schenker says:

Great!!! I’m very happy for you darling you deserve!!! It’s Great!!!

Kim says:

her work is beyond incredible and much creative

Alicia says:

I love her photography work. Awesome port!!