Tuesday 18th January 2022,

Pour Some Sugar on me – Cakes by Coley

7 Questions with Nicole DeRosa – A BAD ASS custom cake designer

RIK WTP: Are you as sweet as your cakes?
NICOLE: I’d like to believe so…

RIK WTP: What’s your favorite flavor?
NICOLE: My favorite flavor that I make is Banana cake. It’s very similar to banana bread. Fuckin delicious [obviously if I can’t curse, just take that out!]

RIK WTP: How often have you fallen within the category of “wanting my cake and eating it too”?
NICOLE: Actually not often at all- I’m so sick of eating cake. I used to love it but at this point, I really don’t think I’ll truly enjoy eating it ever again. It’s sad but true.

RIK WTP: Did you sell your soul to the devil to gain such great cake-making skills? (If yes, what was the devil like? if no, how and where did you develop your skills?)
NICOLE: Haha no unfortunately my story isn’t as interesting as that but I did get kind of lucky. I didn’t have any experience AT ALL with something like this, or art in general (aside from performing arts) but a few years ago I was able to score an internship at a cake shop that had recently opened close to home. So everyday after my full time office job, I would go there and learn everything I could. Then I started making cakes on my own for friends and family and before I knew it, I was making them for friends of friends and so on. Word of mouth was big for me and after being scared to do so for a year, I finally resigned from my job and decided to do this full time in 2010. And so Cakes By Coley was born [:)] .

RIK WTP: What is your signature cake?
NICOLE: Hmmm.. I’m not sure. I think it depends on who you ask. I’ve done a lot of different styles of cakes, from replicating a woman’s butt in a thong, to glamorous 4-tier wedding cakes so it’s hard to kind of narrow it down to just one. I think they all show a side of me in one way or another.

RIK WTP: Have you ever had a cake fight and did anyone die?
NICOLE: Haha, no, no cake fights. My cake creations only result in happiness and joy. And occasional fatness.

RIK WTP: If you had the chance to make a custom cake for a rock star who would it be and what would you make?
NICOLE: Freddie Mercury. I’m not sure what he would’ve wanted but I would probably do some kind of piano. (I thought of this answer for hours and had a hard time answering it!)

For more of Nicole’s work, visit www.cakesbycoley.com

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