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I’m Naked…Rub Some Paint on me, Honey


Q/A with Daniela Rodriguez – Conceptual Makeup Artist

RIK WTP: So Daniela, your work is AMAZING! I grew up as a huge Kiss fan so makeup was always a huge interest of mine. What made you get into conceptual makeup design? I bet it wasn’t KISS huh?
DANIELA:  Thanks! No, it wasn’t KISS. I was always interested in art. I remember being in class scratching eyes and lips in my notebooks instead of paying attention to my teachers. I never knew what kind of artist I wanted to be, I just felt that art was going to take a very important part of my life. After a few years in the makeup business, doing makeup became a boring routine for me. Even when I loved it, I knew I had to evolve my art into something different that kept me interested and where I could express my emotions through it. But don’t get me wrong, I love KISS too!

RIK WTP: Can you explain the meaning behind “Conceptual Art”?
DANIELA: Conceptual Art means to create an idea or a concept before creating the actual art. Art can be created spontaneously depending on how the artist feels but without knowing how the final product is going to be. A conceptual artist instead always thinks first on what they want to express and the reaction they want to get from the viewer.

RIK WTP: What’s your method and approach?
DANIELA: First, I sketch my paintings before anything else. The designs sometime depend on which photographer and model I’m working with, or if I have a very strong idea of what I want to paint, I have to be very careful choosing the team so they are able to reflect the emotions of the painting. As I work with a naked body, it’s always important to work with people who feel comfortable with nudity and understand the artistic purpose – someone who doesn’t have a morbid vibe. A body paint is not just about putting some paint on the model, the artist has to keep in mind that the body moves and the design can be affected by the shapes and volume of it. The time it takes to do a body paint may vary depending on how detailed the design is.

RIK WTP: Are you a fan of the show Face Off? I was addicted to that show. Those artists were incredible. Have you ever considered special effects makeup?
DANIELA: I watched season 1 and I loved it! When I heard about it, I was very excited that finally someone decided to do a reality show about makeup and show people that makeup is not just about eyeshadow, lipstick and blush. It’s very interesting and entertaining even for those who are not into makeup at all. Being able to watch the whole process of what an artist can create is very inspiring. I have very basic skills and knowledge on special FX and I would love to keep learning. That’s definitely next on my checklist.

RIK WTP: Back to KISS. Which one had the best makeup design? The Demon, Catman, Spaceman, or Star Child?
DANIELA: I would say The Demon just because it represents Rock & Roll better than the others.

RIK WTP: What celebrity would you love to do makeup for? [Is that right? Photographers say I would like to “shoot you”. What do make up artists say… ? is it just “I would like to do your makeup?” Hope these questions make sense, my Robert Mondavi wine is kicking in right about now…”]
DANIELA: Lol, yes “I would like to do your makeup”. I never thought about it, I guess I would like to work with someone fun and easy going, maybe Ellen cause I’m sure she would make me laugh all the time or Sofia Vergara cause she is gorgeous. Of course a bodypaint on Lady Gaga would be amazing, I’m sure she would let me do anything and would pull it off amazingly!

RIK WTP: Do you ever drink while working on makeup? Does it help you or make you sloppy?
DANIELA: I drink once the photographer is shooting. I’ve never tried drinking while painting but I’m sure it would be a mess.

RIK WTP: What are your rates?
DANIELA: Depends on what I’m doing and how long it takes. My rates are based on the design.

RIK WTP: How much to do me naked?

RIK – WTP: Oh well, had to try! Thank you very much for your time Daniela and we hope to see you soon!

Daniela: Thank you!


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