Tuesday 18th January 2022,

Leather on Leather with the Mike and Dyke Metal Show

Rik sits down with hilarious duo Mike and Danielle from The Mike and Dyke Metal Show for a one-of-a-kind interview.

Caution: This show contains more Metal than the Empire State Building!


RIK WTP: LEATHER ON LEATHER IS TOTAL METAL!!! AHAHAHA! I cant stop laughing over your show total bad ass! So Mike, tell me how you met Danielle a.k.a Dyke?

MIKE: I met Danielle in college. I was the biggest asshole in the school, and she was the biggest goofball. We both got a kick out of messing with people so naturally, we were a perfect team.

RIK WTP: A team full of assholes and goofballs, I like it!.. So what college did you guys attend? Is Danielle a Dyke or did she give herself that name for being the ‘biggest goofball’?

MIKE: I think I’ll let Danielle take that one. Danielle?

DANIELLE: Haha. Me a Dyke? No way. I thought it would be a catchy show name and took one for the team. However I have been receiving some love messages from random women fans. It’s pretty cool. We went to Columbia College Hollywood, a film school in the LA area. I was an editing major, and Mike was a writer. I think our specialties make us a dynamite creative team.

RIK WTP: I totally agree , the name is catchy that way. I admire you for taking one for the team. Both of you really hit the nail right on the head with the show. I really enjoyed every second of it. I love the tag line to the video description: “Caution: This show contains more Metal than the Empire State Building” HAHA!

So, what led to a metal show ? What defines Metal? Can you list any best Metal bands…

MIKE: Well I first got the idea to do a metal show after watching Eddie Trunk and friends nerding it up on Vh1 Classic and thought it was ripe for parody. Then I was sitting around in my leather pants one day and said fuck it. I called up Dani and was like “let’s get fucked up and film a metal show in your living room.”

Personally, I think Motley Crue defines metal. Haha. Metal culture is all about fun- loud fast heavy fun. A lot of metal nerds out there argue about what is and isn’t metal all the time (Eddie Trunk and friends included), but I think that takes the fun out of it. If you really want to know, watch that documentary Metal Evolution. It breaks down all the genres and sub genres of metal pretty thoroughly.

As far as metal bands go, I don’t know which are the best, just the ones I like. Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest, Van Halen (not Van Hagar), Black Sabbath, Quiet Riot, Iron Maiden to name a few. I don’t love a lot of the “metal” out there recently. I guess I like Chickenfoot if that’s metal, and Steel Panther is pretty cool, haha. But I definitely think a lot of the better bands of the 90s and later were definitely influenced by the classic metal that came before it.

RIK WTP: Wow! I’m there with you on Motley Crue defining METAL , my Side kick partner-in-crime Lex Pistols and I love MOTLEY CRUE! . They definitely embody everything there is about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Their music is loud,catchy, and festive .One of my all time favorite songs is KICK START MY HEART the opening line ‘When I get high I get high on speed Top fuel funny car’s A drug for me’ is one of the best opening gambits in song I have ever heard, it completely sets the stage for the rest of the lyrics. Pure BAD ASS! I guess Metal will always be identified sonically and its bigger than that.

I love how you made Motley Crue and Kiss one of your sponsors in the Mike and Dyke Metal Show. It was a stroke of genius and for those of you who didn’t get the Kiss eye drops joke just look up Kiss condoms, toilet paper, lunch boxes,coffins, pens…etc Gene Simmons is starting to manufacture the eye drops as we speak HA! Who’s clever idea was it to use some bands as sponsors?

MIKE: To answer your question, it was sorta both of our idea. We figured product placement isn’t metal but I wanted to make fun of KISS for being such blatant sellouts.

DANIELLE: I feel like commercials would have been a complete bummer at this party. Music interludes were a good choice to keep up the energy of the show.

RIK WTP: I agree, the music interludes were BAD ASS!!

Oh and since I did ask one of our lovely GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, Keva Roise, what band member of Motley Crue she would bang, I now have to ask you Danielle. Who and why?

DANIELLE: I’d have to say Tommy Lee. He can bang my drum any day, as long as he doesn’t film it.

RIK WTP: =) Lets talk about your guests in the show. During Margaritas interview (the Guns and Roses fan) stated that the ‘New Guns and Roses’ band is better than the original.

Mike, you brought a very good point about the new Guns being a cover band. So my question to you is, what band is more of a cover band the new Guns and Roses or KISS? (please explain.)

MIKE: Personally I think the new GnR is more offensive than the new KISS. KISS have always been sell outs, so when Gene Simmons replaced two of the original members with new guys (who even dress like and go by the same nick name as the guys they are replacing) it wasn’t really shocking. But Guns n Roses used to kick ass, and it’s a shame what Axl has done. Personally, I think I’d have a lot more respect for him if he toured as the Axl Rose Band and still played all the GnR songs. But whatever. What more can you expect from a white dude who used to have corn rows?

RIK WTP: I’m with you on GnR being more of a cover band. Axl Rose is the biggest asshole in Rock and Roll history; a complete utter SCUM. At least with KISS ,the replacement’s at one point played with the band because of a band member quitting or dying…

So, are we really staying tuned for more episodes? Or was this just for science class?

MIKE: I have always been down to do more, it’s just a matter of putting it all together. And getting guests. After we made fun of Margarita so much it’s hard to get people to volunteer for that trap. Haha!

RIK WTP: MARGARITA!!!!! AHAHAHAHA I feel you, I was bashing her too!! That part when you grab her MargaTETA was priceless she looked so offended WTF!

DANIELLE: The look of disgust in Margarita’s eyes after that boob smack was genuine. She was so uncomfortable getting macked on. I definitely want to shoot more M&D episodes and perhaps a metal music video parody, in the near future.

RIK WTP: It would be awesome to see more of the Mike and Dyke Metal Show…

To close with this interview, My boy LEX PISTOLS photo shopped a photo for you guys…What do you think?

DANIELLE: \m/ METAL! I make a hot blonde!

MIKE: Metal!! \m/

DANIELLE: I want to share this picture of Mike, Stoner Travis and I in the audience of That Metal Show, we went to a taping after our raging Premiere party for our show.

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