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Life in Motion: the Unique Art of Simon Scott

Straddling the worlds of street, commercial, and fine art, Simon Scott is the epitome of creative versatility.
Interview by Tony D

TONY D : You’re not just an artist, you’re a singer/song writer and play the guitar. Where do all of these creative influences come from? Are you gifted, or were these traits passed down to you?

SIMON S : I don’t know where it comes from my dad was a watch maker/clock restorer and my mother was a ballroom dancer, I suppose they are artistic forms. I’m also an only child so I had to find something to do with all that energy.

TONY D : Originally from England, how hard was it for you to establish yourself in New York as an artist?

SIMON S : It’s kind of hard to establish yourself in a new country in any field I think, but I just worked hard and got on with it. I was lucky to get picked up by Red Bull as their artist, they sent me out to paint murals and signs for them so that got the ball rolling.

TONY D : It’s been said that after relocating to the Lower East Side of Manhattan you discovered your “muse”. Please elaborate.

SIMON S : I was doing commercial artwork and was getting a little frustrated and looking for a new lease of life. One night I went to an art show at an art collective on the Bowery (which has since burnt down) and bumped into a girl from Amsterdam named Rose Burtins (AmsXXX) we spent a few weeks painting together and that got me going again, she really was a breath of fresh air.

TONY D : Has your work been as well received by the general public in England as it has here in the states?

SIMON S : It has I’ve sold to London and Australia. I think the work travels well.

TONY D : Your style of painting is unique, are there any similarities between your art work and the music you create?

SIMON S : I don’t know I try not to think it about it in too much depth I just go with the flow. In art as in music there are no rules, and that works me. I find that all you need is the seed and get going
on it then they start to paint/write themselves.

TONY D : If there was one shred of evidence left on the planet earth that you were here. What would you want it to be?

SIMON S : Not one thing in particular. I’m always proudest of the last thing I created but I don’t get hung up on one thing, I find it makes you static. Onward and upward. I would be pissed if I died in the middle of something unfinished though.


TONY D : Every painting tells a different story. Is there an Overall message you would like to send out to your audience?

SIMON S : I just want people to see or hear something and think…”man, that’s bad ass”.

TONY D : What gives you a bigger thrill, performing a song live for a new audience, or a new opening to show off your most recent gallery?

SIMON S : They are both invigorating, time consuming, exhausting and rewarding, but the next morning all I think is “next”.

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