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The Fine Lines of Eric Rosner’s NYC Illustrations

Tony D explores the fine lines of Eric Rosner’s NYC illustrations in a one-on-one interview for Walk the Plank.

TONY D : There has been a lot of Commercial Success for you as an artist. How does your art style differentiate from being a project with a deadline compared to painting for leisure or pleasure?

ERIC ROSNER : Hmm… not sure. People say it’s very unique in its ornateness yet modern feel. To me it’s just my way of expressing motion and flow. I try to bring power and emotion to a NYC building. It’s a strong structure of might and an icon of what New York was, is and will be. I want to express a sense of purpose in the buildings that I illustrate. These are architectural wonders that have stood for decades and housed people and ideas that changed the world.

TONY D : You have a unique art style that is easily identifiable as an “ERosner Illustration” – There are many celebrities such as Honey Boo Boo, The Kardashians, and of course Alec Baldwin that have taken interest into your work. With the addition of being on www.fab.com and social media sites everywhere – has it let you reach and communicate with a new audience in the digital world?

ERIC ROSNER : Yes, it’s a new age for Artists and all creative people. The internet allows my work to be seen around the world. I can send out marketing and do all the heavy lifting. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time.

TONY D : There are many forms of self expression. Especially in places such as Las Vegas and New York City. What other mediums do you indulge in for self expression?

ERIC ROSNER : I like to iconize epic objects of our past. Simple and complex items that have played major roles in the development of our world.

TONY D : Your work has been featured on the arms of patrons of local Macy’s Department stores, bottles of wine, and the wrappers of condoms. What are the next endeavors on the horizon that we could look forward to?

ERIC ROSNER : I would love to create a series of Old New York City iphone/Ipad cases.

TONY D : The Insatiable Ink Marker. What/Who was the inspiration for picking up the ink marker to bring your artwork to life?

ERIC ROSNER : Winsor McCay is my idol. His work is insanely great. He attains a level of detail that blows my mind.

TONY D : Is there a certain piece of work that you did that changed your status from “Starving Artist” to “Commercial Success” or has your work always been well received by the harsh New York Art Community?

ERIC ROSNER : One of my favorite illustrations is OLD NEW YORK BLOCK. This was one of my very first successful art works created in the beginning of my obsession with the Gilded Age. It all started as I happened to venture down Broadway, between 33rd to 23rd streets. I saw this incredible building on the corner, a relic from another time. And as I stood in awe of this 100+ years old structure, I was imagining all the people who must have occupied it , the throngs of ordinary and famous people who strolled up and down Broadway back in the day. Mark Twain stayed at the Gilsey House on 29th st. Edison experimented in his Nickelodeon stores just down the street. Tesla, who lived only a block away. Houdini, Oscar Wilde, Lucile Ball, Bob Hope, Winsor McCay and a list of endless people who walked up and down this street passing this building. And here I was looking at that very same building that I decided then and there to illustrate. It really blew me away. I LOVE New York City and I want to convey it in my art. I felt that the day I saw that building was the beginning of my journey to achieve that goal.

TONY D : Is there a muse in your life that you use to gain inspiration for new projects? Like the way Super Man harnesses the powers of the Sun to do good, or Godzilla is beckoned to land to help destroy the three headed monster Ghidorah?

ERIC ROSNER : Heaven for me is a large cup of coffee, a new Sharpie, my tunes on my IPhone and inspiration to illustrate something wonderful.

TONY D : With your work impacting the next wave of new artist, what do you hope they embrace from your work as they look to your paintings for inspiration?

ERIC ROSNER : I feel that new art really should make an impact, not just a small impact but in your face impact. Art should move you, riddle your mind and stir the soul. If it doest then it’s just color on a canvas.

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