Tuesday 18th January 2022,

Real Life “Joker” Opens Fire at the Premiere of Dark Knight Rises in Colorado

A dark night, for moviegoers at the screening of the Dark Knight… A 24 year old NEUROSCIENCE STUDENT James Holmes, clad in body armor opens fire just after midnight mountain time at the scene of the film where Catwoman enters- shooting 17, 12 of who are pronounced dead and 71 wounded from the rampage, according to CNN Newsroom live 1:30pm East Coast time (Picture below states 59 wounded, but CNN confirms an update since then that 71 were injured).

Below is a a witness account on the shooting. (I will be uploading the full clip via CNN shortly for our readers):

Police are not revealing any motive, nor conforming and releasing any further confessions from the shooter. They did say however, that he surrendered in the parking lot without resistance, in his white Hyundai. He later stated to police while in custody, that he was “the Joker.” There was nothing funny about this entire picture, however. Holmes was in the middle of withdrawing from a PHD program at the University of Colorado Denver for Neuroscience at the time he decided to throw his life away completely. Armed (according to police live on CNN) with an ASR-15 assault rifle, one Remington shotgun, and 2 40 cal glocks, he managed to cause injury to as many as 71 people- of which some included US troops, and children.

He initially released tear gas into the air of the packed theatre before shooting into the crowd at random. CNN states that police are “GINGERLY” trying to enter the shooter’s apartment, cautious of suspected “booby traps,” although none have been confirmed yet. Caution is being taken for suspected incendiary devices inside of the home. Statements from the suspect have alerted police as to what may be inside.

Myself, being a native New Yorker- shootings in movie theatres are nothing surprising to me. As a kid growing up in New York, everybody owned a firearm. It was like an urban version of Texas back then. It was not uncommon to see a man, shot over popcorn for cutting the line just before a movie. I don’t know if this was an impulsive form of some sort of chivalry, or whether or not New Yorkers were just that violent. I am by no means justifying shooting someone for cutting the line to get popcorn… But for fuck’s sake… even THEN it involved only two people, and SOME sort of reasoning, or motive (despite an very extreme and very questionable one).

There is really no excuse for any sort of extreme brutality amongst your fellow man, but fuck, there’s absolutely zero speculative reasoning behind one young man planning, and executing a mass homicide on complete strangers. What is even more bizarre is that the young man doesn’t fit the general police “perp profile.” …goes to show how effective something like “Stop n’ Frisk” [in NY] could really be in all actuality. What’s with kids in Colorado and their mass killings?!!?!? For fuck’s sake people need less detrimental recreational activities!! Thank God we at least had Graffiti in New York- which rarely resulted in homicide… Jesus Christ planet earth, you need better ways to vent your frustration!!!

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