Tuesday 18th January 2022,


Dave Grohl, God-like human, and yet still a regular fan:

Ok, so I happened to have been looking for a particular video interview of Kurt Cobain to quote him correctly in a piece I was doing, and I came across this video footage of a SOUNDGARDEN show… and who is in the crowd, just enjoying the show like a regular fan?  It is none other than DAVE GROHL!! This is the same guy who was given an award in England last year for achieving “God-like” status in his creative timeline.  The point is: you’re never too old, or never too BIG to be a FAN anymore.  The day you stop becoming a fan, you almost cease to exist as a being of any sense.  What a solid dude.  He could have been anywhere.. backstage… not there at ALL, but he’s in the crowd w the other fans!!  Sometimes I’m at shows… and I come for the BANDS… I see people there, that aren’t even there for the music.  Even worse, I see bands that are there only to perform, and when they’re done they’re gone.  You can always learn something from seeing another band in action: either something NOT to do, or something you never knew before that can benefit you in your set.  You can never stop being a fan… once that happens, pretty soon you’re old, fat and sitting in front of a tv with a microwave dinner watching things that were relevant 30 years ago… you’ve become fossilized!!!!!!  Don’t become fossilized!!!  Be a fan and stay alive!!!

I always thought Dave Grohl was taller than that lol.  Thanks to tourbuslive.com for posting this on youtube…. Be part of our crue!!!!!

– * Lex *

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