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Lil’ Wayne “No Worries” and NYC’s Anthony Cruz “Fear and Loathing In New York City” premiere with striking similarities

Lil’ Wayne “No Worries” and NYC’s Anthony Cruz “Fear and Loathing In New York City” premiere with striking similarities

Does art imitate life, or does art imitate ART? TWO very different Hip-Hop artists with ONE very similar video concept released back to back. Both artists come from different extremes of the Hip-Hop spectrum: one part of an underground iconic movement, and the other, a modern mainstream pop culture icon. Watch both videos & tell the world how you feel in the comment section.

We’re a Rock n’ Roll magazine, primarily, but we’re a NEW YORK magazine most of all, and this month, is the first month that we introduce different genres of music, but it is not without controversy, of course…

Anthony Cruz is a well respected local New York homeboy, with years of underground Hip-Hop credibility under his belt for various different projects, Hip-Hop is only ONE of them. He had his premiere video single “Fear and Loathing In New York City” off his eponymous album debuted on MTV yesterday. Today, November 21st, Lil Wayne’s video for “No Worries” premiered on MTV . . . only thing is, it bears a striking resemblance to our homie Anthony’s long awaited debut video. We saw a snippet of Weezy’s video (courtesy of COMPLEX magazine), and it went viral instantly. The first comment stated Weezy jacked the idea…

Could it be coincidence, or just another case of the industry game of “telephone,” in which someone peeps an idea… passes it over to the appropriate ears, and boom- idea jacked… Its not uncommon for Hip-Hop these days, being that its a business machine more than anything else, and there’s no more KRS ONE keepin’ cats in check… Nor anyone following in the footsteps of Raekwon and Ghostface in callin’ cats out on Shark Biters etc…

There’s a lot of speculation goin’ on. I just wanna know what fans feel. A lot of people in NY believe Weezy straight jacked the idea.
This is not my argument.
I feel both videos are tight. I’m wondering how heads feel on the IDEA.
I’m naturally gonna rep A’s joint, as an NY Underground street dude, but heads in my own camp been down with Cash Money before Weezy was old enough to put bars together on paper . . . so I respect how Lil Wayne came up in the game.
Personally, I think the two videos are fresh, and they each have their own character.
I think A’s video is cohesive of his idea overall, with relation to the song topic and overall recording. The film techniques are on point- extra fresh, and the storyboarding is executed well. Weezy’s video is tight too . . . sick after effects work, sexy girls, plus Weezy’s kicks are fresh as fuck, right? ( also check out our article on Sneaker Head / customizer SEKURE D by the way) Anthony Cruz reppin’ MISHKA hardbody for NY is also a good look. Art is all open to the interpretation of the viewer anyway. Both videos rock (I like the drop top in the Fear and Loathing in New York video better tho, haha). I’ll let the viewers decide . . . How y’all feel? Maybe Weezy will have Anthony Cruz open for him on tour or some shit… feature him on the remix. THAT would be fresh! Keep Hip-Hop fresh and original, and it will never die.

Anthony Cruz’s “Fear and Loathing In New York City”

Lil Wayne’s “No Worries”

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