Tuesday 18th January 2022,

If only all of our worst nightmares could look this good…

If only all of our worst nightmares could look this good…

Earlier in the year, for our summer launch, we featured Dmitry Byalik,  a Brooklyn-based artist who gave us a detailed preview to his upcoming catalogue of macabre acuity.  This month, he traveled to North Carolina to find the appropriate foliage for the color story and setting of his most current themes.    Now, he offers us more unsightly allure into his world of cinematic musings.

Below are a sequence of photos.  The first sequence, is of a live art installation, entitled “Two Ballerinas” describing a post apocalyptic scenario.  According to the artist, the inspiration was, “Following a nuclear destruction that destroyed nearly all life on the planet, two ballerinas survived.  All of humanity has vanished, except for these two ballerinas who are slowly dying as well.  Their skin is burned, and their hair is gone as well, and they are having one last dance before death
This is such a beautiful vision. Its a destitute sentiment, yes, but the idea of easing into the afterlife through dance, fading to black peacefully in that sense, is exceptionally prolific with insight . . . to conceptualise dying in peace amongst tragedy as such.

The second sequence, known as “Death At The Cemetery” is the artist’s interpretation of death, that consumes people’s souls when they come to the cemetery.

The final sequence below, is simply known as “Gothica.”

According to the artist, the woman is a figure from his imagination that appears in the woods and takes the life of anything living and breathing.

I always had a belief that death had some sort of dark sex appeal, because I flirt with death all the time . . .BUT . . . If that woman in black is the one waiting to give me the kiss of death, when my time comes, I can stay ready to die as long as I’m alive… %#*^ YEAH!

If you have questions for the artist, he can be contacted at:

Also, the photographer of this project is Anthony Mataro.
His work can be seen at AMATAROPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

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