Tuesday 18th January 2022,

WHERE is the Cinderella that will WEAR THIS shoe in 2013:

DSquared, my favorite design house (that I could consistently AFFORD) in the design of the shoe.  2013 is no exception to this… Girls, check up on us, we’re working on a category called “FashionFootwearFetish” where we will feature, yes, fashion, footwear, and fetish…. as I’m a designer and appreciator of women in stylish sexy garments and footwear, this is LONG overdue…. I have YET to post photos from this past fashion week. Booooo NYC Criminal Justice system for trying to slow me down :P.  It isn’t easy being a professional bad-ass 😛  2013 shall be a good year for the shoe and footwear!

Thank you Dan + Dean!!!!!!!





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