Tuesday 18th January 2022,

“I WANT YOUR SKULLS, I NEED YOUR SKULLS!” Feindishly fashionable new accessory designs BY DMITRY BYALIK

“I WANT YOUR SKULLS, I NEED YOUR SKULLS!” Feindishly fashionable new accessory designs BY DMITRY BYALIK

Our local Brooklyn Mr. Misery, Dmitry Byalik, has more delightfully devilish designs for you…

When Glenn Danzig of The Misfits said “I want your skulls,” in the early 80’s, I’m sure he had no idea to what extent that phrase would be applicable. For those who haven’t seen our earlier timeline entries, Dmitry Byalik began a collection of art pieces based on the sculpture of human skulls, reconstructed from leather, inspired by the morbid visions inside of his own cranium. This month, out of his crypt, Dmitry reveals a new accessory added to his horror chronology: a skull mold leather backpack, made start to finish with his own two hands.

I’m a man who can appreciate work done with the two hands he was born with, as that is usually how anything gets completed in my own life. Dmitry however, aside from having to finance his ventures out of his own pocket, has managed to dedicatedly launch and operate a professional accessories line from his own unyielding dedication.

This particular piece has two zipper compartments, reinforced closed by a raw-edge finished button fastened enclosure, two adjustable shoulder straps with metal buckles, a small hanging hook at the top, and of course, a creepy skull to charm the goosebumps off anybody. 100% calf leather. The skull itself is molded hollow so it doesn’t weigh the bag down or warp the leather over time. The design is raw where it needs to be, and the craftsmanship is well tailored and polished where appropriate. ALL made to order. This is a must have accessory for any formidably forward fashionista.

To connect or inquire more with the designer, below is where he and his designs could be found:




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