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Alternative Model Interview: Lisa Zee

Walk the Plank Interviews featuring Alternative Model Lisa Zee

RIK WTP: I’ve been on a roll asking girls if they like certain animals so I’ll go ahead and ask you too. Do you like raccoons?
LISA ZEE: I love raccoons! I’m a huge animal lover so there really isn’t any animals that I DON’T like <3

RIK WTP: What’s your motivation to model?
LISA ZEE: The motivation behind my modeling basically comes from being so independent. I love being able to make my own schedule and be with my family as much as I can, so as I have progressed as a model it’s becoming that much easier for me to really be able to support myself solely on the modeling and not have to go back to a full time job.
RIK WTP: That’s awesome. So many artists have to work shitty jobs just to survive. To rely on your art as your main source of income while keeping the bills in check is a huge admiration. REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU!

RIK WTP: It seems Alternative Models are gaining more exposure and becoming mainstream. Why do you think that is?
LISA ZEE: I would have to disagree that it’s becoming “mainstream”. Although it is becoming more popular, the true mainstream modeling in commercial advertisement and catalogs still aren’t using this style. It’s certainly gaining more exposure than before and I think that’s because our generation has grown up with it and eventually it WILL be the mainstream.
RIK WTP: You’re right, I should be careful using the phrase “mainstream”. It might make those kids that hate their favorite band for finally blowing up also hate alternative models now, even though they stalked them for years. LOL

RIK WTP: You have great abs. What’s your work-out routine and do you have your own personal trainer?
LISA ZEE: I don’t have a routine, all natural! My brother is a body builder though and I’ve been considering having him amp up my physique! And thank you! 🙂

RIK WTP: What makes you nervous during a shoot?
LISA ZEE: I have a back problem so when I’m shooting I’m usually in a lot of pain and get dizzy quick. So I’m always nervous I’m going to faint lol!
RIK WTP: I’m sure the photographer or anyone who’s around your shoot would love to catch you. I know I would 😉

RIK WTP: Tequila or Whiskey (horror stories with any of them)?
LISA ZEE: I don’t really drink much but if I had to choose I like Whiskey!

RIK WTP: What are your turn-ons and turn-offs in men?
LISA ZEE: I love straight edge guys, Boston accents, positiveness, humor and drive! Turn-offs would be guys with no ambition, heavy drinking or smoking, cruelty to others and especially animals… not being an animal lover in general doesn’t work for me either!

RIK WTP: Do you prefer being called HOT, SEXY, BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS or CUTE? I had a girlfriend that hated being called “cute and beautiful” but then when I would call her “Hot and Sexy”, she would say “So you don’t find me beautiful”? LOL
LISA ZEE: I think beautiful is the best term, only because it can hold so many meanings. But hey, I would never shut down a compliment from anyone! I’d just appreciate it! 🙂
RIK WTP: Thanks, I’ll pass that information along to her.

RIK WTP: If you won the lottery, would you continue modeling?
LISA ZEE: I would! I find it fun honestly now that I’m into it! Even if not a career it’s a fun hobby!

RIK WTP: What’s your favorite band?
LISA ZEE: I have so many favorites! But one of my favorite’s is Crime in Stereo! I can never stop listening to them!

RIK WTP: Have you ever bit your thumb at someone like in Rome and Juliet, just to piss them off? I’ve always wanted to do that. Maybe you have…
LISA ZEE: WELL not literally bit my thumb, but the reference to insult or give them the finger, I sure have! I think everyone’s been pushed to that point at least once in their life!
RIK WTP: I cant believe you answered that… BAD ASSERY!


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