Sunday 07th March 2021,

Our featured model this week: Brianna Ahline Blasingame A.K.A Bee.

RIK WTP: Do you like turtles?
BEE: Haha I like turtles…

RIK WTP: (Sorry, I just took a tequila shot. Down to business…) I’ve noticed a lot of alternative models becoming public figures and having a “Fan page” on Facebook, what’s your take on this?

BEE: Oh its okay I got a good laugh out of that. Personally I love it, I think its great that there has been such a rise in alternative modeling. It goes to show that it’s becoming more accepted and respected. This side of modeling has always been around, but I think people are just now becoming more open minded and realizing the beauty in something that might be out of their comfort zone. Having a fan page is an awesome easy way to share your art with others, as well as stumble across other amazing artist.


RIK WTP: You have a lot of different looks. Some girls just model the clothes without any kind of character or story to tell but you do a good job with both. Is this a specific kind of modeling and if so, what is it called? For example, some actors are “Personality Actors” and some are “Character Actors”. Personality actors let their personality show in all the roles they play but as a consequence, most of their characters seem the same to a certain extent. Character actors put every bit of themselves aside and completely embody the role. They live, breathe, speak and act as a totally different person “playing the fictional personality of somebody else”. Does this also happen in modeling?
BEE: I really enjoy being able to showcase numerous looks, I think keeping a variety keeps people more intrigued and catches the eye of different types of people. In all honesty not even I know how to describe my modeling, I guess I’m a little of both. When I first started off I was more of a “Personality Actor”, all of my work was more basic and as you said often happens, most of my characters seemed similar. This changed when I had the honor of working with a very talented photographer named Eddie Hernandez. Eddie in my opinion is a twisted, artistic, genius. He always challenges me with work that makes me become a complete different character. Since working with him I’ve realized that’s the type of modeling I really enjoy. When even I can hardly recognize myself I know it’s going to be a good shoot.

RIK WTP: You said in your “About” that you suffer from anxiety and that modeling frees you from this. Why do you think that is?
BEE: Honestly that even stumps me a little. When I get in front of the camera I just don’t feel like myself. Instead of being the awkward and anxious person I usually am, I feel more confident. Why that is I may never be able to understand.

RIK WTP: If you can model for any clothing line, what would it be and why?
BEE: Hmm I would have to say Oznola Apparel, Ashley Rose Custom Designs, and Jupiter Moon 3 Corsets since they all have some beautiful unique designs. And Wikkd Heir Clothing of course, I’m currently having the privilege of working with them and I have to say those guys have talent!

RIK WTP: What music do you listen to and do you ever play it during your photo shoots?
BEE: I listen to all types of music. I’m pretty open minded when it comes to music, but lately I’ve caught myself listening to a lot of Tegan and Sara, Portishead, and The Smiths. Absolutely! I love listening to good tunes while shooting when it’s possible.

RIK WTP: What’s your poison?
BEE: Anything greasy, cheesey, and covered in hot sauce!

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Photography credit: Eddie Hernandez

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