Sunday 07th March 2021,

Check Out Our Featured Model This Week: Kayla Kitty

“My name is Kayla, I go by the modeling name of Kayla Kitty! I live in Texas and I am a full time piercer and tattoo artist apprentice at Harold’s Tattoo. Ninety percent of my tattoos are done at Harold’s Tattoo by Christopher Bailey also known as Tattoo’s By Bailey. I have a love for art, body modifications, and photography! Along with piercing and apprenticing to tattoo , I have a busy life with being a part time self employed photographer and now alternative modeling!

I love tattoos, and although none of my tattoos have meaning to them, I believe that there is no reason to have a meaning behind them, if you like it then get it.

I love art and showing everyone what I walk around with everyday. I love showing people that are against tattoos in a “regular world” that I can still be successful with my tattoo’s doing everything I want to do with my life.

Don’t let people tell you you can’t do something!”

RIK WTP: Whats your favorite band?
Kayla Kitty: A Day To Remember

RIK WTP: Do you like squirrels?
Kayla Kitty: Yes!

RIK WTP: What animals do you fear?
Kayla Kitty: Well insect wise, spiders!

RIK WTP: What soda do you drink?
Kayla Kitty: I’m not really a soda drinker. POWERADE!

RIK WTP: Whats your favorite scary movie?
Kayla Kitty: Exorcism of Emily Rose

RIK WTP: What characteristics do you look for in a guy?
Kayla Kitty: Sense of humor and a big beard!!

*Hair and makeup by Cindy Porras
*Photos by Michelle Katiussa


Tattoo Artist:

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Cassandra says:

I absolutley love Kittys Hair and makeup in the pics where she has blue hair ! Great job on her hair and makeup Cindy Porras!

Jen P says:

She’s gorgeous! Good Work.