Tuesday 18th January 2022,

Featured Model: Keva Roise

RIK WTP: Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp?
KEVA ROISE: Definitely Johnny Depp.. He’s crazy sexy… And I’ve never been one for “pretty boys” =0)

RIK WTP: Coca Cola or Pepsi?
KEVA ROISE: Not a soda drinker .. But I like the taste of Coke over Pepsi. Besides .. Who doesn’t love Coke Bottle curves? ;0)

RIK WTP: Whats your favorite band?
KEVA ROISE: Imma take it old skool .. I love Metallica. That’s my workout playlist =0) I’m really more of an R&B / Rap gurl .. Jay-z, 50Cent, and Biggie, but 2PAC will always have my heart

RIK WTP: Judge Mathis or Judge Judy?
KEVA ROISE: Def Mathis .. He’s tooo funny
RIK WTP: Yea I pick him too! haha

RIK WTP: You have very nice curves whats your secret?
KEVA ROISE: I don’t know if its a secret really… I think I was blessed with curvy genetics =0) but I do a pretty serious weight routine 3-5 times a week just to keep things tight and toned

RIK WTP: How many tattoos do you have, are any of them in naughty places?
KEVA ROISE: If you count them separately .. I have 7 .. But when I’m finished it will all be one continuous story =0) My first tattoo is the only one in a naughty place ;0) I got a dolphin on my .. Umm .. Cat. Lol

RIK WTP: If you had to choose between the four members of Motley Crue to have one night with who would it be and why?
KEVA ROISE: Aww.. I luvvv the Crue .. Def Tommy Lee =0) he’s the sexiest by far
RIK WTP: He is also the biggest so I’ve read on The Dirt. Apparently he has a sky scraper down there…

RIK WTP: What turns you on?
KEVA ROISE: Big shoulders, strong hands, nice teeth and .. This is a total nerd answer .. But intelligence is the biggest turn on .. A guy can be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen .. But if he opens his mouth and sounds stupid .. Just wrap it up. Lol.


Photographer – Jay Stovall (poster and prints available there from all shoots).
also follow: jaystovall.tumblr.com for latest updates on shoots and new pics.

Keva Roise’s fan page
also follow: BKizinTX@twitter.com / kevaroise.tumblr.com for newest shoots / random real-time pics and updates.

Tattoos by:
CHUY – Twisted Tattoo
KENNY VARNAU – Handmade Tattoo Parlor

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Gregory Davis says:

I Love This Model, She is Very Beautiful, and She Has Something About her That is Different and So Attractive, and the Tattoo’s Really Send’s That Animal Instinct out, Would Love to See More From This one. ;)~~~