Sunday 07th March 2021,

Featured Model – Tinisha Portillo

Pointers from alternative model Tinisha Portillo:

RIK WTP: Hot alternative models are becoming “Public Figures” on Facebook. Is this a part of the American dream?
TINISHA: It’s a great way to get your name out there and find amazing opportunities for your career with how big Facebook is becoming. Its fun to watch the LIKES rise! 🙂

RIK WTP: Tell me about your career. How and why did it get started?
TINISHA: My whole life I have been asked if I am a model and told that I should be. I have always loved getting my photo taken but I never knew where to start! Since I live on a military base, there are tons of photographers around and we have all worked together to help each other with building our portfolios. My biggest goal is to see myself in a magazine!

RIK WTP: What defines a successful shoot?
TINISHA: Any successful shoot is coming out with great, fun images in the end!

RIK WTP: Pink vs Gwen Stefani? What would they fight for?
TINISHA: Who has better hair :p

RIK WTP: What’s your favorite band? Do you rock out to Motley Crue? I DO [;)] Just in case no one has noticed our “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS” tab is the same font as Motley Crue’s fourth studio album. We told Frank the Plank (our business partner and web wizard) that we would throw his ass off the plank if he didn’t do it like that.
TINISHA: HaHa! My favorite music is Techno, Dubstep, Pop music but I do love some Classic Rock at times! 😉

RIK WTP: Who is your celebrity crush?
TINISHA: My favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr!

RIK WTP: Vampires or werewolves?
TINISHA: Vampires! But I love Jacob too 😉

RIK WTP: Batman vs Superman. Who wins?
TINISHA: Batman!


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