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Featured Model: Samantha Goble

Samantha Goble is just a small town girl with big dreams. Being that she was a tomboy all her life, she never really seen herself as being model material. After attending a workshop put together by the gorgeous Tiffany Habib, Samantha realized that she had a passion for photography that went beyond being the one behind the camera.

Entering the world of modeling, at the age of 19, Samantha has become a P!nk Elite Girl and began to build a name for herself. Mixing her strong work ethic and positive attitude to accomplish her goals of becoming an internationally published model, she still manages to remain herself.

RIK WTP: It was interesting to read “I don’t want to be a supermodel; I want to be a role model.” under your Public Figure status -Is this something you mean? If so how come, and what does it imply?
Samantha: Yes. People look at a supermodel and think they have to be like them to do what they do; be fit, tan, confident, and look nearly flawless. As a role model, you can be looked up to in a sense that others can see that no matter where you come from you can make something of yourself. I’d like to encourage others to follow their dreams and enjoy the little things in life.

RIK WTP: Don’t see you being a tom boy at all. Is this still a part of your life? What defined you as a tom boy and what makes you “girly” now; after discovering modeling as one of your passions?
Samantha: Of course, I absolutely love the outdoors. As a child I grew up hunting, fishing, and building things with my dad so I was hardly ever seen in anything other than camo. After discovering modeling I have let out my more feminine side in the way that I present myself.

RIK WTP: Did you have trouble dating growing up because you were a tom boy? I bet you don’t have any trouble now… Describe your life growing up under that tag.
Samantha: Not at all. Guys love a girl that not only can do what they can do, but is better at it 😉 [;)] I am currently taken and loving every minute of it; he is very supportive! Growing up as a tomboy you learn the necessities of life and how to provide for yourself, as well as others. Being tagged as a tomboy made me feel blissful because I knew that meant I was capable of surviving out in the woods without a worry in the world about where I would find shelter, food, and water.

RIK WTP: What kind of witch craft took place in this workshop put together by Tiffany Habib that made you realize you wanted to model?
Samantha: I always had a passion for photography and eventually it grew into wanting to become a model. After reviewing my shots with Tiffany and hearing how she started from the bottom as well, she made me realize that it was possible for me to succeed and that gave me the confidence to push forward.

RIK WTP: If you can be in the cover of any magazine which would it be and why?
Samantha: I would have to say Maxim Magazine because I believe it amounts to more than just your average magazine full of articles, ads, and shopping. Maxim is an international magazine created for a man but appealing to a woman; the photos aren’t trashy and there is always a wide variety of topics included.

RIK WTP: How many tattoos do you have? Are you planning on getting more ,if so what would they be?
Samantha: Unfortunately I only have one but I most definitely plan on getting more! Left foot: Live the life you have imagined, Right foot: One step at a time, Right side: Faith, Shoulder to shoulder: God gave burdens, also shoulders, and a few others.

RIK WTP: What do you look for in a guy?
Samantha: I’ve found that it’s more reasonable to state what I “don’t” want in a guy: A cheater, beater, druggie, or liar. And after all that, he should be independent, humo
rous, caring, courageous, and the parents have to like him. But girls do expect way too much from guys, so my top attribute I look for is that he’s not afraid to show some emotion.

RIK WTP: Whats your favorite band?
Samantha: I don’t actually choose favorites (besides a favorite number.) I’m indecisive on anything that does not have to deal with what I am going to do in life.

RIK WTP: Keira Knightley or Kristen Stewart? I HATE THEM BOTH, YOU SHOULD TOO!
Samantha: Hmm.. Not for/against either so my choice would have to be based off of their movies: Keira in Pirates of the Caribbean or Kristen in the Twilight series. If I absolutely had to choose I would say Kristen Stewart. Kristen manages to keep a faithful relationship while maintaining a friendship with her best friend. She doesn’t let anything change the way she feels about those she is close to.

RIK WTP: If you can punch any celebrity in the face who would it be and why?
Samantha: Jerry Sandusky at the moment. Jerry CLAIMING he has a “personality disorder,” enough said…



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