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Alternative Model From Mexico: Pandora Le Train

Our alternative model expert and ladies man Rik interviews  Mexican alternative model Pandora Le Train. Don’t forget to check out her photos!

RIK WTP: Tell me about your career. How and why did it get started?

PANDORA LE TRAIN: Well I love my career. I’ve always loved to model. I started because I love photography and the way I look.

RIK WTP: I love the way I look too! Just not into modeling it. Rather do that behind closed doors, if you know what I mean. 😉

RIK WTP: Your alias on Facebook is Pandora Le Train. How did you come up with this name and what does it mean?

PANDORA LE TRAIN: Pandora is the name of an Anne Rice Vampire I best identified myself with. I’m also an Anne Rice fan, so that name was the best option for me.

RIK WTP: It’s already hard enough to survive these days. Mexico’s economy (along with the U.S.) hasn’t been great and the relentless drug war has made life there even more difficult. Is it hard for you to work as a model in Mexico?

PANDORA LE TRAIN: In spite of violence, in my own opinion, Mexico is a beautiful country and at least by the moment I haven’t had any problems, everything is good.

RIK WTP: What bands influenced you as a kid?

PANDORA LE TRAIN: Well I didn’t grow up being a goth or metal person, I just started to hear that kind of music when I was a teenager. Something like My chemical Romance, Therion, Epica, Kamelot.

RIK WTP: I’ve noticed in some of your pics that you pose with mouse ears. Are you obsessed with Minnie Mouse and if so, why?

PANDORA LE TRAIN: Of course not, just my work.

RIK WTP: What actress do you hate and why?

PANDORA LE TRAIN: mmm could be Kristen Stewart and Megan Fox… just because they aren’t good at “acting” at all.

RIK WTP: What do you like to drink?

PANDORA LE TRAIN: Red wine, whiskey and beer.

RIK WTP: What are your goals for your modeling career?

PANDORA LE TRAIN: Be more recognized, travel to Europe and work for an important model agency.


PANDORA LE TRAIN: I’m not that much of a fan of that kind of music. I prefer death metal melodic or something like that. Both are great bands but if I have to choose one, I chose ACDC.

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