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Gone by Daylight, Here To Stay


Meet the boys, pictured from left to right:

Shaanan King: Drums
Eric Paquette: Lead Vocals and Guitar
Jordan King: Bass, Backing Vocals
Jeff Lynch: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

For those who have had their head stuck under a floorboard, or in the corner of a dive bar listening to a band that nobody wants to know on their ipod because they think it’s cool, or it looks “fashionable,” back in 2011 Dave Grohl was receiving an award in London for “Godlike Genius” at the NME awards.  More recently, Guns N’ Roses was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame for all they have contributed to Rock n’ Roll.  Despite the fact that Axl Rose rejected this sentiment, it is arguable that his band gave the world the most impacting debut Rock n’ Roll album of all existence.

The irony of these two events is that just about 20 years ago, there was a historic feud between Axl Rose’s band Guns N’ Roses, and Dave Grohl’s band at the time, Nirvana.  For those that don’t know the story behind this, Nirvana – along with several other relative bands – were part of a movement that came about as a deliberate attempt to “resist” the “Rock n’ Roll of the establishment” as Kurt Cobain put it, that were the likes of Guns N’ Roses.  The cruel twist of fate here is, that in pigeon-holing himself as a figurehead of an “anti- establishment Rock n’ Roll machine,” the seemingly recluse Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain publicly BECAME that very machine he sought out to destroy.  Poor martyr. Rest his soul.  History is sometimes a very cruel teacher, so if you learn nothing more from this example, know that whenever you label yourself,  that label may as well come with an expiration date- because ripe fruit can’t stay fresh forever.  If it wasn’t for the “Rock n’ Roll of the establishment,” Nirvana would never have existed.  Ironic isn’t it . . . Don’tcha think?  Evolution is an inevitable process; everything will inevitably change over time.  The lesson to be learned from this is: don’t be quick to label yourselves kiddies, just play some fuckin’ Rock n’ Roll!!!!

In our premiere issue, I am pleased to expose the world to Gone By Daylight: a group of New England boys from Massachusetts who are a perfect example of the traditional school of successful Rock n’ Roll that gave you music without self-proclaimed labels and devoid of boundaries.  These boys capture a time when Rock n’ Roll was music you could FEEL, because it was being played with pure feeling, dedication, drive, and last but not least: VOLUME!!!!  These were times when something as simple as The Beatles’s “Yeeeah Yeaaah Yeeeah” in a song would stay in your head for weeks and become the most memorable part of the song, because it was so SIMPLE – yet effective, and HONEST.

Sometimes the simplest “Ohhh oh, OHHH Ow” can be the best part of the song if its harmonized right.  This is done well in tracks like “Gotta Get Out,” (featured below) where the message is so clear cut, but presented in the most decorated way.  It’s just flawless musicianship, and digestible songwriting.  It’s respectable for a trained musician to appreciate it, and approachable enough for a listener to relate to it. The stage presence chemistry that these boys have Marie Curie couldn’t theorize.  They’re so LIVE, and the live sound is so engulfing, more so than the actual studio recordings; therein lies the true test of talent.  It’s only a matter of time before these boys inevitably erupt in the face of the Rock n’ Roll music scene anywhere Rock n’ Roll is present.

The encapsulating harmonies of lead singer Eric Paquette will take control of your mood like a dose of Scopolamine.  You’ll just hear it one time, and you’ll be submerged in harmonies that place you at the most intense point of the rising action in a motion picture; it’s that BIG.  Also prominent is the heavy guitar carnage throughout songs like “Gotta get Out” and the solo 35 seconds into our clip below of “Wanna Take a Ride.”  This is serious guitar harmonizing.  For those of you that don’t like “big,” for whatever shallow pretentious reason, we here at Walk The Plank are musicians writing about musicians, and we appreciate the musicianship of the record at the end of the day.  You’re in the MUSIC section right now, not the fashion section.  We praise music for the craft of it, not the trend.

Through the appreciation and preservation of great music (particularly Rock n’ Roll) from many genres and time periods, we preserve a very important gene pool: the fundamentals of great Rock n’ Roll music that nurture its Tree of Life.  I don’t know what happened over time.  Perhaps somewhere along the timeline, the string of the telephone cord from one can to the other got cut in the generation gap when people were explaining music to each other . . . I don’t know.  They really needed a better system for relaying “tweet” messages back then, than with two tin cans I guess, because many people didn’t get the message when they started bands that they thought didn’t suck.

Lucky for us in 2012, the boys of Gone By Daylight had been paying attention to the teachers of great music, and were able to put together a solid lineup, to create songs that are so infectious, you’re almost not sure why exactly it is that you like it, but halfway through the song, you already know the words and melodies, and you love it.  These kids make great music.  Duke Ellington once said “There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind.”  Thank God these guys never knew about the other kind- ’cause they make good music!

It goes to show you that only good can come from having musical influences coming from everywhere.  The band cites a range of influences that include Foo Fighters, Guns n’ Roses,  Blink 182, Tom Petty, Third Eye Blind, and the Ramones to name a few.  They’re currently employing the services of John O’Leary (JWorks Management) for management, and are working with EMI Recording artists Kurtis John and Michael Nadeau for production both in New York and Los Angeles.  They’ve been hard at work performing on stages all up and down the North East coast alongside bands such as My Chemical Romance, Misfits, Brett Michaels of Poison (whom we’ve also recently documented) just to name a few.  They’ve also had involvement in Warped Tour, and have a recent Saturday Night residency at one of New York’s most landmark modern day Rock n’ Roll venues: Arlene’s Grocery – one of our own personal favorites.  Pictured below, is a moment from their performance at Bowery Electric earlier this spring.

The magnitude of this band’s sound has also managed to catch the attention of ESPN2, WWE, E News Daily, Party Down, MTV’s Teen Mom, in addition to Starz Network (Starz, Comedy, HD) on which they’ve been aired.  When asked about how this opportunity came to the band, lead singer Eric Paquette modestly replied, “This girl actually contacted our manager . . . It was random, actually.”  It doesn’t end there, because it isn’t every day of course, that a publishing company comes looking for an average, ordinary band for music placement- no.  Their radiant stage presence has landed the boys a feature in a in a sexy, provocative, televised advertisement for Axe Body Spray, that is scheduled to air in Latin America.  When asked about the details of the commercial, Paquette offers, “We have a scene in it where a chick flashes us while we’re playing a show. Haha.”  BAD ASS.  Lets see if life will imitate art (or in this case, creative advertising) . . .

These stepping stones are characteristics of a forward thinking, fast moving successful band with a promising career in the music industry.  After all, if you’re not looking to make a LIVING from being in the music industry, you might as well just get a job at the “organic coffee shop” down your street, and play guitar in your room on the weekends.  The music industry is still part of show biz . . . and if you don’t plan on going into it for the long run, and going in with big goals set in mind, don’t go in at all.  You’ll never treat it as anything more than a hobby.

Musicians of today have to learn to be less closed-minded and begin to visualize ways to succeed creatively, expand, and move forward while still keeping a balance of integrity and honor.  These boys have those scales at a perfect equilibrium right now.  They play BIG, HIGH-VOLUME Rock music, and they do it very well.

If you have two ears that work, and two eyes with decent vision to see these guys at a show, you’ll say “Fuck yeah!” and remember what I said about Dave Grohl earlier.  If you’re a musician, it’s up to YOU whether you wanna achieve God-like status for playing good music, that transcends time and happens to be called “pop” by the media, or stay in a tiny box with you as your only fan.  I’m a FAN before anything and these guys ROCK a crowd right off their asses.  All of their influences are a perfect formula for great Rock n’ Roll, and it shows.  At the end of the day, Rock n’ Roll is just ROCK n’ ROLL!

Get a taste of the Gone By Daylight sound below in these links to their music below.  Their complete music is being released shortly on itunes and Amazon.  You will also find them on Spotify very soon.  They have several shows in NYC this month, and in their hometown of MA.  Stay updated with the band through their official website, and Gone By Daylight social network sites.  Also, check in with us for a full feature Q&A interview soon!


More Info

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/gonebydaylight

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/gonebydaylight

TUMBLR: http://gonebydaylight.tumblr.com/

AND: http://www.gonebydaylight.com

Photography credit: Peter Green (top), and Alex Diamante (center)

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Sue says:

These boys have been working hard to get where they are. They deserve the best. I know soon, it will be their turn to SHINE! Go get them Guy`s, you deserve it.

Janet says:

What a great article on a great band!

Sara says:

These guys are truly amazing artists with so much heart for what they do…. and so fun to watch live!! See for yourself, you will not regret it and you will be planning your next venture out to see them perform soon after you leave their show.