Tuesday 18th January 2022,

Mixing Guru at Wantagh Mulcahys Music Hall

It is my pleasure to be interviewing Mike Gaudiello, the bad ASS sound technician at Wantagh Mulcahys Music Hall. I met Mike a year ago and his attitude and professionalism really impressed me. Glad to have him on board with us at Walk the Plank!

Rik – WTP: So Mike, what made you get into sound mixing?

Mike: To be honest, it was a spur of the moment type thing. I have been playing in bands, fiddling with live and studio sound for a good portion of my life and I figured it was time to up the ante.

Rik – WTP: How long have you been working at Mulcahys at wantagh?

Mike: It will be 3 years in August

Rik – WTP: Do you do sound for any other venues?

Mike: Middle Country Beer Garden, formally known as Mulcahy’s of Centereach

Rik – WTP: Do you have a nickname, have you ever hated being called “Sound Guy”?

Mike: I actually do, but it has nothing related to sound. My co-workers call me “Rochester” or “Rochester Mike”.
To make a long story short, Mulcahy’s needed to purchase/pickup high end kitchen supplies in Rochester NY. I volunteered to make the trip BUT, I confused Rochester NY with Westchester NY…Once everyone found out my little error, no one could stop laughing. It was a “you had the be there” type joke haha.
But the nickname has stuck with me ever since.

And I don’t hate being called “Sound Guy”, if you don’t know my name/nickname, its probably the best way to get my attention.

Rik – WTP: Mulcahys wantagh music hall is known to attract a couple of national acts, how often do these acts bring their own “sound guy”?

Mike: Most of the time they do. In that case, I am here to help setup, and make sure their sound guy doesn’t blow up my equipment 🙂

Rik – WTP: What’s the worst thing musicians do during sound check?

Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than some guitar player ripping some random solo when you’re trying to get vocals sounding crisp and clear during sound/line check…. nothing…

Rik – WTP: Do local bands ever tip and should they?

Mike: I have been tipped by many local acts. I wouldn’t say they SHOULD, I love mixing reguarless, but it always feels good to put some extra cash in your pocket after a job well done.

Rik – WTP: How often do you blast singers with reverb to make him/her sound better?

A true engineer never reveals his secrets 😉

Rik – WTP: What instrument in a band always asks to be the loudest?

Mike: Oh man, They all want to be the loudest -_-

Rik – WTP: What pointers do you have for bands in getting the best sound?

In my opinion, most musicians should stop listening to soley their instruments, and start listening to the band as a whole. You’d be surprised to hear how much you’re missing.

Rik – WTP: What artist would you love to be on the road with as their personal sound guy?

Mike: Paramore, for sure.

Rik – WTP: What’s the worst thing besides feed back that has happened during a performance? I’m talking about things going haywire!

Mike: I was doing a benefit concert last year, the audience was approx 1000 people, after a nice long sound check everything was set to go. The production manager asked that we nuke the stage with smoke – not a problem, it’s common. The problem this time is that we forgot to set the venue’s fire alarm to safe mode. As the band intro was playing the fire alarm went off and cut all of the power to the PA. It was terrible. Luckily I work with competent people and the power was back on within 3 minutes!

Rik – WTP: I remember you play bass , do you tend to cater more to the bassist during performances?

Mike: Haha its funny that you would ask that, I get told constantly that my mixes are so full of warm bass. I really feel that a good bass level really KICKS the venue, making it feel like a true live show.

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