Tuesday 18th January 2022,

Setting the Stage for Nothing but a Good Time with 50 Miles 2 Frequency

Interview with front man JC of the badass band 50 Miles 2 Frequency.

RIK: What was it like opening up for Bret Michaels?
JC: We felt very blessed to have the opportunity to share the stage with the rock icon who influenced so many, including us.

RIK: How nervous were you guys?
JC: We were not nervous by any means thanks to the amazing crowd we had. The audience really welcomed us with open arms. This put us all in a very relaxed state, which gave us the energy to give them the best performance we possibly could give them.

RIK: What does it take to get an opening slot with a national touring act?
JC: It takes talent, perseverance and motivation. If you combine all of the above and truly believe in yourself you can accomplish anything.

RIK: I really thought it was bad ass that your band had two lovely girls Ashley Sutor and Jessica Zaleski from Pretty Girl Production dancing at the end of your set, who’s idea was this and how did you get in contact with them?
JC: We all envisioned having female dancers on stage with us one day. Our first interaction with the two lovely ladies was at a show we performed in South Hampton, New York.  After the show we spoke to Ashley and Jessica, and have been friends with them ever since.  You’ve got to love Facebook. Ha Ha Ha.

RIK: Did anything happen after the show that I’m not aware of?
JC: Nothing outrageous or out of the ordinary. Just a typical after party celebration.

RIK: You guys have amazing merch- bottle openers, t-shirts, shot glasses, condoms, tank tops, booty shorts…Is Gene Simmons getting a percentage out of this? Who’s the brains behind your merch, from concept to funding?
JC: Gene Simmons.  Ha.  Just kidding.  Our marketing team. We have a very strong marketing team that’s honest, loyal and hardworking. We feel very grateful to have them.

RIK: You mentioned during your performance that you will donate some of the iTunes proceeds from the song “Fight For The Unspoken” to Rescue Ink.
JC: Our friends at RESCUE INK are on a mission to end animal abuse and neglect. We strongly support their fight and wrote a song dedicated to them with our friend, Chris Carrion titled, “Fight For The Unspoken.” We are donating 50% of the song’s iTunes sales to them to help further their cause.

RIK: Tell me about Rescue Ink and why you chose to donate to their cause. How important is it to staying humble and giving back?
JC: We chose RESCUE INK because they are a bunch of genuine, good hearted guys that are really making a difference in this world. As animal lovers we share the same common bond and will stop at nothing to help them on their mission to fight for the unspoken. We believe that staying humble & giving back is important and plays a huge role in making the world a better place.

RIK: What do you love the most about being in 50 Miles to Frequency?
JC: 50 Miles 2 Frequency represents a special bond shared by all five members. When we perform live we extend that bond to include the fans and love making them feel good about being part of something great. When asked what I love about 50 Miles 2 Frequency the most I say, I love it all–the fans, the music, seeing new faces, and feeling very blessed for this opportunity to share our music with the world.

RIK: I wish you and your band-mates continued success. You’ve always been a stand up guy and I really admire your character. Never STOP!


Video Credit: Rik Cava – Deviator Magazine

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Jess says:

it was a kick ass performance! awesome night all around. 50 Miles 2 Frequency are really nice guys. i believe they will make it far! cant wait to see whats next!

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